Whoops, I forgot about Mother’s Day…

Tapestries for Mother's DayIt happens. We are all prone to forgetfulness at times, especially when we’ve got multiple plates spinning.

So yeah, I’ve been caught up with the new eCommerce Catayst Community, the eCom iPhone App I’m helping develop, two major site redesigns, plus a few other projects… and I forgot about Mother’s Day.

I’m not saying I forgot and the date has passed – as this writing Mother’s Day is still 5 days away – what I forgot was the marketing I should have done for my stores. Now there is not enough time to guarantee shipment in time for the holiday.


Well, if you’re in the same boat or find you’ve missed a holiday marketing opportunity there is a way to salvage some of those lost profits. You’ll likely not make as much but some cash is better than no cash. So what is the answer?

Gift Certificates.

I know there is a certain stigma around gift certificates; they lack the thought that is said to be the real GIFT part of the gift. There are ways around that thinking. Here’s how I positioned my gift certificates for Mother’s Day.


Tapestries, whether they be wall hanging, pillow covers, table runners, or any other style make great gifts Mom will be surprised and excited to receive.

But it can be difficult to decide which style you think she would like the best. So instead of making a guess, why not give Mom a gift certificate so she can choose the style she likes best for her home decor.

What’s nice about a Tapestry Standard gift certificate is that it’s not some generic money voucher, it’s very specific and so shows the thought you put into deciding to give the gift of her choice of tapestry. It’s a fantastic way to show you care and give Mom the freedom to choose for herself.


I’m providing the “thought” and adding the benefit of Mom getting to choose. You can see the store blog post here: Wall Tapestries For Mother’s Day

So don’t fret if you find yourself behind at the approach of a holiday, salvage what you can and then set up a calendar alert so it doesn’t happen again :)

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