Rankings Drop? Check This Out Now

Link LiberationWow! Has Google gotten crazy lately? I mean … crazier?

In case you haven’t heard … Google has gone on a banning and deindexing spree
like never before that has cost people real money, gotten a lot of folks pretty upset
and been downright SCARY for everyone.

Fortunately, my pals Dan and Leslie at The SEO BrainTrust just did a special
webinar called the “Emergency Don’t Panic Webinar” – I’m getting a hint of Dan’s
humor in that title! :)

Anyway, if you do any SEO at all, then you owe it to yourself to spend an hour
with these guys to see just what all the fear and uncertainty right now is about
and what you should do about it. Very cool stuff from the best brains in SEO.


Link Liberation Preview

Tomorrow is the big day! But you can get a sneak peek of the Link Liberation offer video TODAY.

Totally in the open, totally without scarcity or pressure or arm-twisting. You can watch early, decide early if you’re ready to join Dan and Leslie, and explode your linking strategy…


And if you want to skip to the front of the line, you can get on their “Early Bird” list right on that page and on Tuesday, you’ll get a couple hours’ notice so you can be sure to secure your spot.

Doing this will also put you first in line for one-on-one case study training with Dan and Leslie. That alone is a great reason to be an early bird.

I’ve heard the complaints about the sky-high guru premium price tags… This is way different. You won’t believe the pricing plans they have worked out for you.

Dan and Les have made this affordable and REASONABLE for any online business owner to participate. Watch for yourself:


I have always appreciated the way these guys do business – no sneaky or predatory tactics – these guys areĀ  in it to help you grow your business and your bottom line. They have helped me get to where I am today, there is no one else I recommend more highly for SEO than Dan and Leslie :)

Are You Article Marketing?

Article marketing is wonderful on many levels. Think about all the ways it can help both your business and your website – they are related but not always one and the same.

First and most obvious. They allow you to create content rich pages to expand your site that are useful to you visitors. That alone is enough of a reason to be writing them. But wait there is so much more…

You can use in-context links to strategically build your internal site linking structure. Internal site structure is all about control. You’re creating these pages with specific purposes in mind and can use whatever anchor text is best to link to the pages you most want link juice going to. Fantastic, but that’s still not all.

These articles can easily be repurposed and used on blogs, article directories, other people’s sites, Squidoo Lenses, etc. So you’re creating content based around your business that will be used on other domains that have the possibility to rank for your keywords. Hmm, this sounds like a path to domination.

And there are still links. Not all the directories will allow followed links but plenty do which means while you’re building this great, SEO friendly content you’re also getting external links to your site. And again, just like on your own site, since you are creating these articles you control the anchor text. Bullseye!

I don’t go out and search for links very much anymore. Instead I concentrate on creating articles because I get links that are surrounded by related content that I can link to any page in my site (not a fan of always having to link to only my home page). At the same time I’m expanding both my website and my external content.

Articles are 100% win.

Start writing people!