Increase Your Conversion by 8 For The Holidays

Live chat on websites is in high demand by customers. They want answers from a real live person in the easiest way possible… online chat.

With chat your customers don’t have to pick up the phone and they can still get instant answers to their questions. Chat can be a big factor in your holiday sales success.

Can you afford to wait until after the holidays?
•    Chat converts up to 8x more than your website today
•    Most implementations are up and running within a week – many in minutes
•    1 in 5 online shoppers prefers live chat above all other communication methods

It’s convenient for them and convenient for you if you use the right software.

BoldChat SoftwareI use BoldChat for all my online stores. It’s inexpensive and flexible.

BoldChat is more than just live chat software
•    Detailed website visitor monitoring
•    Instant and searchable chat history
•    Fully customizable chat windows
•    Unlimited/searchable canned messages
•    Invitation capability

Simple to Operate
Powerful features in a simple, flexible, and intuitive interface. This simplicity translates to immediate bottom line benefits in the form of increased sales and lowered support costs. Features include:
•    Customizable chat windows
•    Chat canned messages
•    Push page capability
•    Active Co-Browsing w/Form Filling

Intelligent Connections
Proprietary research shows that Internet Shoppers who engage in live chat buy more, spend more, and buy more frequently. BoldChat will help you convert more of your visitors into customers while simultaneously increasing average order value and decreasing cart abandonment.
•    Sale Recovery™ Technology
•    Rules driven proactive chat
•    Detailed real-time visitor analytics
•    Robust reporting

Unparalleled Flexibility
The power of BoldChat puts you in complete control.
•    Deploy on multiple websites
•    Create unlimited rules and invites
•    Create different chat buttons and windows
•    Alter proactive rules instantly

It’s effective, easy, and perfect for eCommerce.

I’d love to see Live Chat on every website. Anything that helps your customers will also help you.

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about the software. I’ve been using it for 5 years and couldn’t be happier.

Check out BoldChat here: