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If you’ve been around SEO very long you must have heard of my friends … Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde … because they have done more to advance and teach SEO than pretty much anyone else out there.

I’ve been following their stuff for a long time myself – even before I started working with them as StomperNet Faculty – and have always gotten great results from their recommendations. They both personally helped me with SEO on two of my eCommerce stores: http://www.a2armory.com and http://www.european-wall-tapestries.com.

Problem is, they have both been “underground” for a couple years so neither of them was making their newest stuff public.

Until now.

About a month ago they finally joined forces and are about to give away some of their newest research and teaching. Here’s a link to an intro video that will tell you what’s coming next.


And be sure to opt-in so you get the videos just as soon as they go live.

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