SEO For eCommerce Stores

SEO For eCommerceThere are a lot of Search Engine teachers, programs, and freelancers out there but not many of them make a distinction between SEO for Internet Marketers and eCommerce store owners. There are some very important differences in how SEO is best approached for eCom stores vs just about any other type of site.

Site structure alone is massively different for eCommerce stores than your average info site or blog. This should change how SEO is done but for many it doesn’t. This not only makes it more difficult for online store owners to find people to help with their SE optimizing, it also makes it harder to figure out what pages should be focused on.

That’s just one of the major issues with most SEO strategies that are employed by the majority of optimizers. So what do we as eCommerce store owners do? I’ve started a new blog solely focused on SEO for eCommerce:

I’m all about eCom, as you probably already know, and this is an area I see as lacking in terms of the education and services out there. I’m not an SEO expert, but I am and eCom expert and I’ve consistently gotten my online stores to rank well for all the terms I go after. I’ll help you figure out how to create your SEO strategy and where to go to find SEO experts who understand that optimizing for eCommerce requires a different approach than any other type of site.

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