Google Penguin – My New Best Friend

Audrey and PenguinPanda and Penguin from Google, oh my!

Does all the screaming going on about Google’s latest update have you feeling freaked out? It’s understandable; pretty much all we’re hearing about are ways to combat Penguin and recover rankings. Every post I’ve seen is a rant of some kind condemning Google for causing problems to people’s businesses.

Well here’s a different angle, Google updates don’t have to spell gloom and doom for your business. They don’t need to be a source of panic and stress. If you’re doing your SEO properly, they’ll actually boost your rankings.


One of my clients is a large company in a super competitive niche. I’ve been doing their SEO since August. When I started the site had a total of 36 backlinks and absolutely no rankings, so we were basically starting from scratch.

We’ve been steadily climbing but the going was slow because the competition has been around for years – established sites some of which had over 200,000 backlinks. I knew I could beat them out, I always do, but I had planned for it to take about a year. Thanks to Panda and Penguin, I’m getting there way faster than I anticipated.

How and why is Penguin helping me when it seems to be hurting so many others?

I do SEO the right way and apparently 99% of the competition (and everyone else whose rankings are dropping) don’t. So while this update clears out crap links and the competition plummets, I benefit. When the competition loses rankings mine don’t just stay the same, they move up to take their place.

Over the past two weeks I’ve had increases that literally made me laugh out loud. From #20 to #3, #11 to #2, #56 to #8. My clients are thrilled and I am ecstatic to see that good, honest link building through good content not only works, it blows everyone else out of the water.

This is the joy of white hat SEO. You don’t have to fight Google, Google actually rewards you.

Long-term SEO takes time and real effort. You can’t just hire a bunch of people on Fiverr and expect Google to love your site. You need to provide value so real people will link to you and share your content. It’s a simple formula most people don’t bother taking the time to put into practice.

So if you’re panicking over lost rankings and cursing the Penguin, consider changing your SEO tactics instead of looking for the next black hat bandageā€¦ it’ll hurt just as much the next time Google decides to tear it off.

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2 Responses to “Google Penguin – My New Best Friend”
  1. martin says:

    Nice positive approach Audrey, I agree with what you're saying. Martin

  2. Whilst I do agree with you Audrey, one of my sites was hit really hard by penguin, I admit that some of my link building was “over enthusiastic” and as it was a new site had little or no authority to protect it.

    My latest online shop is still in development, however I’m now worried about getting it wrong again. Of course I don’t want spammy backlinks, but I think the average small ecommerce site finds it difficult to provide lots of content relating to their business without including their keywords regularly.

    I can’t write hundreds of words for each product description if there’s not much that can be said about a simple product, without writing something boring and repetitive.

    I’ve decided to display my Tumblr feed on one of my content pages, now I’m worried that I’ll get slapped for duplicate content!

    Finally, do you think that negative SEO will now be widespread? I’m sure a well established site would be ok, but if a new site gets hit with loads of spammy backlinks by someone else, how would google know who created them?

    Regards, Johnnie

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