The Million Dollar eCommerce Challenge

eCommerce Incubator Home Study CourseDid you know that in 2009, brick & mortar retailers
completely TANKED… while eCommerce & Online

Retail GREW by 11%?

2010 can be the year YOUR eCommerce business takes off…

Check this out:

In the next 90 days or less, you can:

Get a brand new store up online and running profitably
from scratch – even if you have ZERO experience with
eCommerce or setting up online shopping carts…

Transform an under-performing online store into a profit
maker – I’ll show you exactly how to identify where
you’ve got problems and how to fix ‘em FAST…

I’m Audrey Kerwood. Since 2002, I have taught
thousands of folks just like you how to build and grow
profitable online stores…

Right now, I’m interviewing some of the most well-known
experts in eCommerce and giving away a ton of incredible
information for free:


Check it out…

The future has never been brighter for independent online
merchants and eCommerce entrepreneurs!

To your store profits,


P.S. If you hurry, you can have me personally analyze
your online store absolutely free… I’ll show you exactly
where to make simple improvements that’ll put more money
in your pocket, starting NOW…

P.P.S. I want to be your eCommerce Catalyst.
Once I show you my proven formula for eCommerce success,
you may rethink your entire business plan for 2010!

Here’s the link again:

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4 Responses to “The Million Dollar eCommerce Challenge”
  1. Joyce Reid says:

    This sounds wonderful but since it is a live webinar, there is no way that those of us who work in the daytime can participate. Is it recorded or available in a print format?

    • admin says:

      Hi Joyce, the webinar will be posted in the eCommerce Catalyst Community in a day or so, all members can get it there.

  2. jon says:

    Audrey I want to join Incubator but it's closed! Please help!

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