Low Traffic Got You Down?

Traffic GenerationHaving trouble getting good, converting traffic to your site?

Now is the time to concentrate on building it up!

It’s July which means the holidays are only 6 months away and the holiday season only about 4. Since Christmas is the biggest time of year for many eCommerce Store Owners increased traffic can mean a big increase in profits.

Traffic comes from a lot of different places, I like to focus on Google and Social Media.

Doing well in both relevant organic rankings and on social networks will create a steady and substantial flow of converting traffic that will keep coming as long as you keep it engaged.

But how do you keep your audience continuously engaged?

One word: Content.

While articles posted to on on-site blog are great they should only be part of your engagement marketing plan. You can’t just post a couple articles per week and expect to have visitors flooding your gates.

You need to market that content through your social media networks. And it doesn’t stop there. Your audience on FaceBook doesn’t want to see just links to your articles. They want photos, they want questions, they want to state their opinions, they want to interact.

Help them, help you.

Where do you find the time to write, post, and market while taking care of everything else your business needs?

Hire someone.

You can hire someone in-house or outsourced to be the designated traffic-getter. They would need to create compelling content and post it on a regular basis (a couple time per week). They would need to manage all your social networks – this means updating them daily. It also means learning how to use Apps, customizing pages, creating posts that will get people to Like and Share them, and building your audience.

This isn’t a cake job by any means but if you find the right person you will see the benefit in terms of qualified traffic almost immediately.

If you’re interested and don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to find someone who understands how to write, engage, and build – let me help.

My methods are 100% Google friendly as I stay on top of the latest updates – most updates actually help my clients as others lose rankings.

My work is content based. Your content will be disbursed through social channels. In this way we build traffic, reputation, rankings, and awareness for your site. I can also create new content if you prefer, I have a team of professional native English speaking writers.

My social team will create posts across all your social media networks that will engage your current audience while gathering new fans / followers to your business pages. We’ll post everyday, multiple times per day to all your social sites. And they won’t be “Happy Friday!” posts. They’ll be relevant, exciting, and visually stimulating posts guaranteed to promote activity and traffic.

I would start by doing a full SEO / traffic work-up on your site and your competitors. This will give us a full picture of what is happening on your site and what is working for those occupying the top spots now.

Sign up for my SEO Work Up. You can take the information I provide and implement the changes yourself or let my team and I step in and get your site drawing more customers and making more money.


I’m happy to answer any questions you might have or provide examples of current work. Email me at audreykerwood@gmail.com and I’ll get back with you right away.

Have a great Fourth!

Content Marketing Is The New SEO

Content Marketing Is The New SEO

With all the recent Google crackdowns on artificial links, over-optimization, and now their new Link Disavow tool we’re all hearing a lot of talk about SEO being dead.

And it’s true… traditional SEO is dead.

But this is nothing new; link building has been a bad practice for a while now. But there is another method of search engine optimization out there that absolutely works – in fact it is what Google wants site owners to do.

Content Marketing = Value Building

Talk about your products or services, engage your audience, and build your brand.

When people like your content and your site they are apt to share it with others. They do this through social media blogging, and good ole fashion links – all 100% natural.

You don’t build links, you build content and audience, then the links and traffic simply come to you.

The process is simple but it can be a lot of work especially if you are a small business with limited resources and employees.

I have a content marketing system that has worked for 99% of my clients. Their rankings, traffic, and sales all increased after about one month and keep going up from there.

I have worked  with Audrey as an SEO expert for several of my key accounts during the past few years.  She has been tenacious in helping to increase their rankings in the search engines, often achieving top positions even in the most competitive industries.   The degree to which she and her team incorporate the latest nuances and emerging protocols that determine search engine results  is very important and sets her apart.  Audrey is easy to work with and willing to go the extra mile without any nickel-and-diming along the way.  I definitely recommend Audrey for all companies – from the newbies in optimizing search to the online  veterans whose offerings need that breakthrough in exposure, traffic and sales.
Cliff Bassman 
BizDev Consultant

Along with that service I also have several on-staff social media experts who will build up the engagement and activity across all your social networks. The more powerful these channels the more your business will benefit from them.

This is an all-inclusive service. My team of writers create high quality, focused content, that content is posted to your site blog and outside properties I create for you, and my social media experts get it in front of your target audience.

This stuff works. Check out the packages available: http://www.audreykerwoodblog.com/seo-packages

But if you’re the hands on type who wants to manage all this stuff yourself, I get that. But you know you can’t do it all alone right?

I can help here too by creating the content (or at least some of it) for you. Outsourcing the content will save you a ton of time that you can use to build your brand recognition and audience. You dictate the topics, I deliver the writing. It’s that simple.

My writing staff are all American English speakers based in the US. This level of quality writing is hard to find in a freelancer.

It has taken me literally years to put this group together. Use the talent I’ve already put together rather than spending tons of time trying to weed out one or two god writers yourself.

Check out the content packages available: http://www.audreykerwoodblog.com/content-packages

What I am offering is exactly what I do for my own sites and my clients. If you’re struggling and not sure what to do, let me know.I will take a look at your site and send you my recommendations. Email me at audrey@audreykerwoodblog.com.

Content is King and Marketing is Queen… it’s not as hard as it sounds, especially if you have help.

Rankings Got You Down?

I’ve been talking about Penguin and Panda for a while now and pushing my SEO clients and friends into creating delicious content for their website and becoming much more social with their business.


Because this is what Google and your customers want to see. And I’m not the only one doing SEO this way – check out Link Liberation 3.

My pals Dan and Leslie just released a brand new video that is a must see.
Just 18 months ago these guys revolutionized “link building” and they’re doing it again!

This is the start of a totally free training series showing you how to:

  • Create an audience without having a website…
  • Build traffic without any content of your own…
  • And make “getting natural links” a profit center – not a cost!

There’s not even an email address required to watch part one so check it out.
These guys rock :)

P.S. They’re also promising some sort of software? Can’t wait to see that.

Google Penguin – My New Best Friend

Audrey and PenguinPanda and Penguin from Google, oh my!

Does all the screaming going on about Google’s latest update have you feeling freaked out? It’s understandable; pretty much all we’re hearing about are ways to combat Penguin and recover rankings. Every post I’ve seen is a rant of some kind condemning Google for causing problems to people’s businesses.

Well here’s a different angle, Google updates don’t have to spell gloom and doom for your business. They don’t need to be a source of panic and stress. If you’re doing your SEO properly, they’ll actually boost your rankings.


One of my clients is a large company in a super competitive niche. I’ve been doing their SEO since August. When I started the site had a total of 36 backlinks and absolutely no rankings, so we were basically starting from scratch.

We’ve been steadily climbing but the going was slow because the competition has been around for years – established sites some of which had over 200,000 backlinks. I knew I could beat them out, I always do, but I had planned for it to take about a year. Thanks to Panda and Penguin, I’m getting there way faster than I anticipated.

How and why is Penguin helping me when it seems to be hurting so many others?

I do SEO the right way and apparently 99% of the competition (and everyone else whose rankings are dropping) don’t. So while this update clears out crap links and the competition plummets, I benefit. When the competition loses rankings mine don’t just stay the same, they move up to take their place.

Over the past two weeks I’ve had increases that literally made me laugh out loud. From #20 to #3, #11 to #2, #56 to #8. My clients are thrilled and I am ecstatic to see that good, honest link building through good content not only works, it blows everyone else out of the water.

This is the joy of white hat SEO. You don’t have to fight Google, Google actually rewards you.

Long-term SEO takes time and real effort. You can’t just hire a bunch of people on Fiverr and expect Google to love your site. You need to provide value so real people will link to you and share your content. It’s a simple formula most people don’t bother taking the time to put into practice.

So if you’re panicking over lost rankings and cursing the Penguin, consider changing your SEO tactics instead of looking for the next black hat bandage… it’ll hurt just as much the next time Google decides to tear it off.

Rankings Drop? Check This Out Now

Link LiberationWow! Has Google gotten crazy lately? I mean … crazier?

In case you haven’t heard … Google has gone on a banning and deindexing spree
like never before that has cost people real money, gotten a lot of folks pretty upset
and been downright SCARY for everyone.

Fortunately, my pals Dan and Leslie at The SEO BrainTrust just did a special
webinar called the “Emergency Don’t Panic Webinar” – I’m getting a hint of Dan’s
humor in that title! :)

Anyway, if you do any SEO at all, then you owe it to yourself to spend an hour
with these guys to see just what all the fear and uncertainty right now is about
and what you should do about it. Very cool stuff from the best brains in SEO.


Let’s Talk About Your SEO

SEO Catalyst Audrey KerwoodI’ve been working in and teaching eCommerce for a long time – 10 years to be exact – and I’m moving on.

I’m not abandoning my stores or anything like that, but honestly I don’t really do much for them anymore. I have partners, employees, and freelancers doing 99% of the work so all I’m doing is handing that last 1% to my partners.

So what am I going to do to fill my time? I’m getting into SEO.

I’ve been doing SEO for my own sites since I started them but now I’m doing SEO for other people’s / business’s sites. And, I’m totally digging it.

Getting down and dirty with new sets of keywords and new markets is just the spark I’ve been looking for to rejuvenate my love of business. I’m working with a variety of clients, some in small markets others in massively competitive markets.

So what does this mean for you?

I want to talk to you about your SEO. From my long experience, many eCommerce store owners don’t know how to effectively do SEO for their stores. You know I’m a big proponent of small business and always want to see small companies succeed – I can help you get your eCom site to the top, no matter what market you’re in.

If you’re struggling with rankings or only getting traffic from your paid advertising, we should talk.

I’ll do a complete SEO work-up for your site and write up a proposal for getting you where you need to be. From there we can decide if working together is a good fit.

I’m only looking to take on about 10 more clients so taking the time to see what we can do together is absolutely necessary. But even if we don’t end up moving forward, you’ll still have the SEO work-up and plan that you can put into practice yourself or hire out.

No matter the outcome, you’ll end up on top (pun intended).

Go here to sign up for your SEO work-up and proposal. I look forward to getting your site better rankings and tons more traffic.

Jumpstart Your eCommerce Business

Do you find yourself getting stuck when it comes to deciding what you should be focusing on in your store?

Are you having trouble figuring out what is keeping your store from being the profit-maker you know it should be?

Would direct access to a seasoned eCommerce Expert help you increase the bottom line of your online store?

Find out how you can get unstuck and add rocket fuel to your online business.

Find Out More => http://ecomcatalyst.net/

You will gain direct access to me, Audrey Kerwood, on live calls and through a 24/7 online forum.

You will also have direct access to a new expert each and every month. Here is a taste of the caliber of experts you will be in contact with:

•    Leslie Rohde – SEO Expert
•    Chris Malta – eCommerce Expert, Owner of Worldwide Brands
•    Linda Bustos – eCommerce Trend Expert, owner of ElasticPath.com
•    Vin Montello – The Godfather of Copywriting
•    Ross Goldberg – Web Traffic & SEO Expert
•    Shirley Tan – eCommerce Expert, founder of American Bridal
•    Mike Wesely – Social Media Expert, Formerly ranked #1 in the World on Twitter
•    Eric Stafford – Conversion Expert
•    Sherman Hu – Video, Blogging, and New Media Expert
•    Plus many more :)

Find Out More => http://ecomcatalyst.net/

Link Liberation is Now Open for New Students

Now is the time.

Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde have FINALLY released their unique new SEO training /software program. People have basically been begging to get into Link Liberation for 2 WEEKS now:


These two guys have a reputation for being pioneers when it comes to SEO for business. They teach the people who do SEO for a *living* – it’s safe to say results MATTER to them.

And now they’ve revolutionized the whole methodology businesses will use to generate the MASSIVE amount of targeted, quality backlinks it takes to grab the top search engine listings. They’ve got the PROOF to back it up.

PLUS, they’ve already built the software to make the rankings you want even easier to get, keep, and PROFIT from. Best of all, they made it AFFORDABLE for any business that’s keeping a tight leash on marketing expenses (and these days, who ISN’T?)…


But that’s the deal – investing in this pays dividends, because we’re talking about F’R'EE Organic Web Traffic. We’re talking about creating a system that gets people to do your link building FOR you… It won’t just MAKE you more money. It will SAVE you more money in the long run.

And money in your pocket is green no matter WHERE it comes from. But here’s the part where I tell you a TON of people are already sending people their way. Their “early bird” list is probably already stuffed.

And yeah, spots are limited. (These guys just go really hands-on and care about quality control – they can’t let everyone in.) So if you want to change your SEO strategy from a struggle… to one of LIBERATION for you and your business:


I’m so confident in what Dan and Leslie teach, I signed up myself for a year :)

259.2% Increase In Your Backlinks

259.2% backlink increase.

That’s what the typical result for last year’s Link Liberation students was. Wanna get in on that?


We all know that traffic is the lifeblood of every business and that search traffic is the best traffic there is. The only trick is getting enough links to get the traffic. What would 2.6 times as many links do for you?

Link Liberation is open right now. This is your chance to learn the best backlink building and traffic generation strategies there are from the SEO masters Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde.

Link Liberation is not just another automated program (we know those don’t work). It’s a coaching program backed by software to help you make the link building process more efficient.

I’m excited about this program, in fact I’ve already joined myself. I can’t give a more solid recommendation than that.


These are long term, sustainable strategies that will get you the rankings you want and the traffic that comes with them.

Don’t miss your chance to get in on this program.

Link Liberation is Open

Link Liberation Preview

Tomorrow is the big day! But you can get a sneak peek of the Link Liberation offer video TODAY.

Totally in the open, totally without scarcity or pressure or arm-twisting. You can watch early, decide early if you’re ready to join Dan and Leslie, and explode your linking strategy…


And if you want to skip to the front of the line, you can get on their “Early Bird” list right on that page and on Tuesday, you’ll get a couple hours’ notice so you can be sure to secure your spot.

Doing this will also put you first in line for one-on-one case study training with Dan and Leslie. That alone is a great reason to be an early bird.

I’ve heard the complaints about the sky-high guru premium price tags… This is way different. You won’t believe the pricing plans they have worked out for you.

Dan and Les have made this affordable and REASONABLE for any online business owner to participate. Watch for yourself:


I have always appreciated the way these guys do business – no sneaky or predatory tactics – these guys are  in it to help you grow your business and your bottom line. They have helped me get to where I am today, there is no one else I recommend more highly for SEO than Dan and Leslie :)

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