Spam Complaints, Really?

This is not SpamFair warning, this is an angry post. Well maybe angry is the wrong word – more a mixture of confusion and annoyance.

First let me just say, if you sign up for my list you should expect to get emails. That’s what happens. I give you a great course of free information and I get to send you emails whenever I want to, that’s the deal. And that’s not some crazy Audrey idea, it’s how opt-ins work.

If you don’t like the emails you’re getting all you have to do is click the Unsubscribe link and magically you stop getting them. It’s a pretty simple concept people doing online marketing should be used to by now.

So, let me explain where this is coming from. I promoted a new course last week. I don’t promote very much – the reason is because I never promote anything that I don’t use myself.

I promoted this new product pretty hard, sending an email everyday for about six days. I explained what the product was, why I thought it would help those who signed up, and the reasons why I purchased it myself.

No problem during the entire promotion – no complaints, no issues, a few questions which I answered, and a few thanks. Cool, right? I thought so.

So, after I do a promotion I like to reward everyone with what I call a Pure Content email. This email is nothing but a solid article about eCommerce. The only link in the mail is the Unsubscribe link. So the day after I stopped promoting, I wrote an article about the top seven mistakes eCommerce store owners make and sent it out.

The response was as expected at first. I got a ton of thank you emails and “great email” emails. Then something totally unexpected happened…

I got an notice from my email marketing provider telling me that my account had been suspended due to SPAM complaints.


So I went into my admin to take a look and was shocked to see my Pure Content email had gotten a 2.5% spam compliant ratio. Let me just reiterate that I hadn’t gotten a SINGLE complaint for any of my promotional mailings. What’s up with that?

I still haven’t figured out what the deal with the complaints was. I have gotten my account reinstated. All it took was a phone call and my provider was like, “Oh, that’s weird, that’s not spam”. Yeah, no kidding.

So what’s up people? You don’t like free content? I’d love to know because I’m completely stumped by this and I’d like to have it not happen again. Love to hear your thoughts and if anyone out there has had anything like this happen to them.

And (here’s the angry part) damn all of you who complained. I don’t like you and I’m not going to be shy in saying you suck and I’m glad you’re no longer part of my group.

Link Liberation is Now Open for New Students

Now is the time.

Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde have FINALLY released their unique new SEO training /software program. People have basically been begging to get into Link Liberation for 2 WEEKS now:

These two guys have a reputation for being pioneers when it comes to SEO for business. They teach the people who do SEO for a *living* – it’s safe to say results MATTER to them.

And now they’ve revolutionized the whole methodology businesses will use to generate the MASSIVE amount of targeted, quality backlinks it takes to grab the top search engine listings. They’ve got the PROOF to back it up.

PLUS, they’ve already built the software to make the rankings you want even easier to get, keep, and PROFIT from. Best of all, they made it AFFORDABLE for any business that’s keeping a tight leash on marketing expenses (and these days, who ISN’T?)…

But that’s the deal – investing in this pays dividends, because we’re talking about F’R'EE Organic Web Traffic. We’re talking about creating a system that gets people to do your link building FOR you… It won’t just MAKE you more money. It will SAVE you more money in the long run.

And money in your pocket is green no matter WHERE it comes from. But here’s the part where I tell you a TON of people are already sending people their way. Their “early bird” list is probably already stuffed.

And yeah, spots are limited. (These guys just go really hands-on and care about quality control – they can’t let everyone in.) So if you want to change your SEO strategy from a struggle… to one of LIBERATION for you and your business:

I’m so confident in what Dan and Leslie teach, I signed up myself for a year :)

259.2% Increase In Your Backlinks

259.2% backlink increase.

That’s what the typical result for last year’s Link Liberation students was. Wanna get in on that?

We all know that traffic is the lifeblood of every business and that search traffic is the best traffic there is. The only trick is getting enough links to get the traffic. What would 2.6 times as many links do for you?

Link Liberation is open right now. This is your chance to learn the best backlink building and traffic generation strategies there are from the SEO masters Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde.

Link Liberation is not just another automated program (we know those don’t work). It’s a coaching program backed by software to help you make the link building process more efficient.

I’m excited about this program, in fact I’ve already joined myself. I can’t give a more solid recommendation than that.

These are long term, sustainable strategies that will get you the rankings you want and the traffic that comes with them.

Don’t miss your chance to get in on this program.

Link Liberation is Open

Link Liberation Preview

Tomorrow is the big day! But you can get a sneak peek of the Link Liberation offer video TODAY.

Totally in the open, totally without scarcity or pressure or arm-twisting. You can watch early, decide early if you’re ready to join Dan and Leslie, and explode your linking strategy…

And if you want to skip to the front of the line, you can get on their “Early Bird” list right on that page and on Tuesday, you’ll get a couple hours’ notice so you can be sure to secure your spot.

Doing this will also put you first in line for one-on-one case study training with Dan and Leslie. That alone is a great reason to be an early bird.

I’ve heard the complaints about the sky-high guru premium price tags… This is way different. You won’t believe the pricing plans they have worked out for you.

Dan and Les have made this affordable and REASONABLE for any online business owner to participate. Watch for yourself:

I have always appreciated the way these guys do business – no sneaky or predatory tactics – these guys areĀ  in it to help you grow your business and your bottom line. They have helped me get to where I am today, there is no one else I recommend more highly for SEO than Dan and Leslie :)

Dan Thies lays the SEO groundwork for you

My favorite SEO big-brains, Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde are back today with yet another mind-expanding video tutorial. And this time they want to set the record straight.

Some SEO “experts” might tell you that you can’t go after the big sites that rank for the big words. They might say you need to settle for the scraps of traffic you can scrape together from the long-tail…

This video proves different, and it’s all a matter of creating a solid foundation to build on. And don’t doubt it for a second because Dan and Leslie have built a career of helping the Davids in the online business world go after one Goliath after another. The key is in the “ranking factors” Dan reveals in today’s free training video:

Does it work? You don’t have to take my word for it, and you don’t even have to take Dan or Leslie’s either…

How many other guys can get dozens(!) of their STUDENTS to go on camera and share real results?

After you watch this, you’re going to SERIOUSLY re-consider those dreams of capturing Page 1 in Google for those high-traffic keywords… because you CAN.

This is actually Video #3 in a series, but guess what – if you get this one, you get them all. So you haven’t lost anything but time if your competitors have watched it first. No more time to lose. Make time to watch this now:

Just a quick SEO note…

Tomorrow Dan and Leslie are going to be mailing out their SEO Super FAQ. They created it out of questions from online business owners just like you. Real down-to-earth questions and honest answers that will help you in the SEO game.

You know that I don’t promote anything I don’t use myself. I’ve been working with Dan and Leslie for years (literally) and they are my most trusted SEO guys. They are the reason I have great rankings for my stores. They know they’re stuff.

To get their SEO Super FAQ you have to be on their mailing list. So if you haven’t already subscribed, go to and opt in before tomorrow.

They’ll be releasing another awesome video on Thursday as well, but you don’t want to miss the special mailing of the Super FAQ. It’s valuable information you’re not going to have the chance to get anywhere else.

That’s it, just wanted to give you a heads up about that, I’m looking forward to it :)

Become the Center of Your Niche’s Attention

Even though Halloween’s over, I’ve got a little treat today from my favorite SEO friends.

Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde have released the second video in their Link Liberation series and if you missed the first one, that’s okay – this one’s WAY meatier. :)

Leslie basically reveals one of the key strategies to their plan to save internet marketers from the headache of chasing links. They call it an “abstract engine”.

Basically, you get to dig up all the “buzzworthy” online conversations, butt-in with your own opinion, and then spit it back out all across the web.

When people join in, you get links. When they give you links, you look like the total MASTER of your niche, weighing in on practically every facet of your chosen topic.

I’d say it’s like killing two birds with one stone, but it’s more like taking out a flock of vultures with a machine gun! (Sorry – I run a weaponry store, this is my language!)

Fun massacre analogies aside, you want to watch this ASAP:

If you find link-building tedious, tiresome, boring, or just a pain in the rear, this is a way to take ALL the work out of it. Seriously, who doesn’t want that?

I said this was Video 2 in a series. If you missed Part 1, you’ll get instant access along with this video, so don’t think you missed anything. Fact is though, TODAY’S video is the real “How To Get People To Link To You” tutorial.