Get Rich and Happy Online

Get Rich and Happy EventThat’s where we all want to get to, right? Being rich AND happy? It is possible, that’s what the Get Rich and Happy Event is all about.

I am one of the featured speakers at the event which is in Philadelphia Nov 5, 6, 7. The event is going to feature 14 amazing speakers in all – Jim Britt – Jason Oman – Ken McArthur – Jim Donovan – just to name a few.

I’m really excited to be speaking at the event. I’m going to be speaking about eCommerce and Online Marketing in general and welcome as many questions as attendees can throw at me all weekend.

Get Rich and Happy is going to be a killer seminar. The breadth of experience and perspectives from the speakers is massive. With so many different approaches and types of businesses you will learn how to take your business to the next level… the way YOU want to.

The cost for this event is almost ridiculous it’s so low. For all 3 days with 14 amazing speakers, the cost is only $97.

I’ll be on a webinar for the event this coming Thursday, August 19th at 8pm Eastern. If you want a taste of what the seminar will be like or what I’m like in person, join us on the call here:

Larry Steinhouse and I will be talking about eCommerce and online marketing and I’ll be taking questions afterward. I’d love to hear from you.

The webinar is totally free, it’s part of the Get Rich and Happy Event series Larry has been doing with the seminar speakers. It’s going to be a great call and an even better event. Hope to see you at both!

eCommerce Incubator Is Open

It’s been a long wait and I’ve been bombarded with emails asking about the program…

I’m happy to announce that eCom Incubator is finally open to the public!

Get your copy here:

If you buy before August 10th at midnight you can get the special discount price of $197.50. The regular retail price is $249.50, you save $50!

eCom Incubator is a complete 12 Week eCommerce Home Study Course…

From researching a new market and the correct search terms…

…to finding and vetting suppliers and dropshippers…

…to building out your online store and maximizing sales conversions…

The 12 Training Modules inside eCom Incubator take you from daydreaming about your ideal eCommerce business…

…to actually owning and running it!

Catalyze your online efforts now:

And if $50 off isn’t enough, you also get 5 free bonuses when you place your order:

Bonus 1: Free DVD of the entire eCom Incubator
– compatible with Mac and Windows this
DVD-ROM allows you to skip the huge downloads
and listen or watch at your convenience.

Bonus 2: Complete Store Graphics Package -
Fully customizable Headers, Image Ads, and
Add To Cart buttons that I designed specifically for
eCommerce stores!

Bonus 3: Graphics Package Video Tutorials -
Watch as I take you through each of the templates
I created for you and show you step by step how to
create your own in-context images!

Bonus 4: Enhanced PDF Transcript of my
“Setting Up Your eShop for the 2010 Holidays”
webinar – everything you need to do to make
the most profits this upcoming holiday season!

Bonus 5: Action Plan 2010 Holiday Season
– Stay on track with your holiday planning
with these convenient calendars that lay out each
step for easy reference!

That’s a lot of great stuff!

eCom Incubator also comes with my solid 1 year money back guarantee. You have a full 365 days to put my methods to work and if you’re not satisfied, simply drop the DVD in the mail and we’ll give you a 100% refund… even if it’s a year from now.

Grab your copy now: